“A couple of years ago my English friend Chris complained that all my recordings had bands playing along and choruses singing harmonies and didn’t have what I presented at the London folk clubs: simple, well-chosen and relatively unfamiliar folksongs, with sparse concertina accompaniment. Hopefully he and others with similar tastes will enjoy this new one.”  |  To purchase the Simple download, please send $9 to using PayPal. He will email a link to the download.

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Somewhere in Between

Riggy Rackin: Somewhere In Between

“When Riggy pulls out his concertina, the room gets quiet, and people perk up and pay attention. Riggy looks authentic. He looks like one of those guys who sits in the back of the general store or the forecastle of a ship and spits tobacco juice on the floor, but people put up with him because he can sing. And sing he does.” —Joe Offer, Mudcat Cafe (see full review)Purchase Somewhere in Between CD package or download from Riggy Shoppe 

Nautical, Pastoral & Pub Song


“This CD was a long time coming, as he has sung these songs for many years at folk clubs and festivals. He accompanies himself on English concertina and has double-tracked his voice for the chorus songs.” —Chanteyranger, Mudcat Cafe | Purchase Nautical, Pastoral & Pub Song CD package or download from Riggy Shoppe 

Search Hills and Valleys Through


In 2000, Riggy took a surprising direction and produced his first CD with a collection of shape-note, seaman’s mission, and Eastern European sacred songs. Bonus: Northern California landscape photographs plus lyrics and chords for all the songs are included on the disk as computer files.| Purchase Search Hills and Valleys Through CD package or download