I have this theory for beauty: It’s created by adversity. On a cellular, molecular, or possibly atomic, level, plants (and US !) have to get out of the way when being pushed, and take a new, adventurous path. So a wind, or bird-nest or landing or poop creates the impetus for the filagree we see and love in tree branches reaching (seemingly) randomly for the sky. Works for all living things. Those mean bullies of my childhood created a kid and adult with unique evasion techniques.

“Secular Gospel Singing”









Jews in Irish Music









The Computer Grocery 





“A Conversation with Louis Killen”
Concertina & Squeezebox, No. 31
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“Concertinas at Witney”

Concertina & Squeezebox, No. 29
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“Green Valley Village”
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Half Barn









“How I Fell in Love with My Late Wife”


My favorite political writer, William Rivers Pitt, comments on my memories of a winter walk in New England

frozen walk